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The Wolters Kluwer Labor & Employment Law Library provides publications and practice tools in a single comprehensive source for labor and employment law. Wolters Kluwer resources cover fair employment practices, labor relations and disabilities law at the federal and state levels and provide comprehensive primary source research materials, annotated explanations along with news and current developments.

Our robust collection of treatises present expert-authored analytic and practical guidance covering employee terminations, disabilities law and practice, employment discrimination litigation, sexual harassment in the workplace, covenants not to compete, immigration law, and more.

The Library includes:

  • 35 Labor & Employment research publications and treatises
  • Unlimited access to 315,000 cases dating back to the 1930s
  • Time-saving tools, such as State and Federal Employment Law Compare, allowing comparison of 60 essential employment law topics across multiple jurisdictions

The Library covers:

Employment Law

  • Accommodating Disabilities—Business Management Guide

    This guide covers the full scope of disability and accommodation requirements and gives practical,

    cost-effective strategies.

  • Accommodating Disabilities Decisions

    Key court decisions are at your fingertips for a fast but thorough overview of disability discrimination law. Critical points and legal precedents are highlighted with headnotes, and a subject matter index helps you locate the full text of cases. Handy tools such as compliance charts and samples aid your research.

  • Department of Justice Manual

    Takes you inside all the policies and directives outlined in the latest U.S. Attorneys’ Manual used universally by the DOJ in civil and criminal prosecutions. New edition includes comprehensive coverage of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines. Along with comprehensive coverage of all the information relied on by today’s DOJ attorneys, this guide offers you other valuable DOJ publications in the form of Resource Manuals and Commentary.

  • Dispute Resolution Journal – American Arbitration Association

    The American Arbitration Association’s Dispute Resolution Journal is an authoritative resource for advocates, neutrals, parties, educators, public policy leaders and corporate executives. In-depth articles by leading practitioners and scholars cover the spectrum of ADR issues, emerging techniques and new applications of ADR processes in commercial and labor practice. Contributors are the foremost experts in areas such as international trade, business, commercial finance, labor relations, construction, the courts, insurance, employment, real estate, intellectual property, healthcare and technology.

  • EEOC Compliance Manual

    Your source for the full text of the EEOC’s manual of current guidelines and directives for bringing and settling job discrimination lawsuits against employers. This practitioner’s guide interprets the law for all forms of discrimination—sexual harassment, age discrimination, family leave and more—while explaining unlawful practices.

  • Employment Practices Guide

    This guide offers complete coverage of state and federal antidiscrimination laws and regulations, comprehensive explanations of laws that impose equal pay requirements and prohibit discrimination in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin or age.

  • OFCCP Federal Contract Compliance Manual

    Get quick and easy access to text, cases and the affirmative action rules concerning gender, disability, race and veteran status that apply to federal contractors.

  • Employment Law Jurisdictional Compare Smart Chart

    This innovative tool helps you quickly compare multiple state employment laws in an easy-to-read chart. You get a complete, self-contained state and federal employment law product providing summaries and full text of state and federal employment laws, regulations, executive orders plus case law. State Employment Law Daily Document Updates and a State Law Tracker are also included with this tool. (Updated weekly)

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  • State and Federal Employment Law Trackers

    Receive daily email alerts and updates on important new employment law issues and developments.

  • State Employment Laws

    Find answers to state employment law questions quickly and easily with our unique, consistently organized format. Search using plain language across one state or all 50 states, plus Washington, DC and Puerto Rico. This valuable resource helps ensure compliance with state employment laws and helps you make more informed decisions.

  • Wages-Hours Reporter

    Here’s the help you need to navigate through the Fair Labor Standards Act and related state and federal laws and regulations. Current reports provide authoritative information regarding minimum wages, equal pay for equal work, overtime and the prevailing wage rules affecting government contractors.

Labor Law

  • Labor Arbitration Awards

    A repository of awards from 1960 that settle grievances between employees and employers under union contracts. Awards cover a variety of industries and deal with grievances of wide interest and application. Also includes over 9000 AAA awards. Includes Smart Chart functionality.

  • Labor Relations Reporter

    Includes full text and explanatory material covering union organizing, collective bargaining and contract administration. Reporting includes federal and state court decisions, statutes, regulations, and NLRB decisions and rules.
  • Labor Law Journal

    This quarterly journal reviews the complex relationship of law, labor, management, and the economy.
  • NLRB Case Handling Manual

    This manual gives you a clear understanding of the NLRB’s procedures for processing cases to ensure your case conforms to the Board’s guidelines.


  • Administrative Law Treatise – Pierce and Hickman

    Cited by the courts more than 4,000 times, this definitive work now in its fifth edition brings you analysis of the latest developments with all the practical guidance and knowledge you need to plan and present an effective case before the courts. When your clients confront government administrative action whether it’s rulemaking, adjudication, or investigation, do what your colleagues do: turn to the undisputed leader in the field.

  • AIDS and the Law – Skinner-Thompson

    AIDS and the Law provides comprehensive coverage of the complex legal issues, as well as the underlying medical and scientific issues, surrounding the HIV epidemic. Covering a broad range of legal fields from employment to health care to housing and privacy rights, this essential resource provides thorough up-to-date coverage of a rapidly changing area of law.

  • Americans with Disabilities Act Handbook – Perritt

    Organized by topic, the first half of the ADA Handbook analyzes statutory language, legislative history, agency ADA regulations and relevant case law. The second half of the Handbook walks you through the chronology of a lawsuit.

  • Cal-Peculiarities: How California Employment Law is Different – Seyfarth Shaw LLP

    Cal-Peculiarities: How California Employment Law is Different catalogs how California law deviates from prevailing American labor and employment law. This work summarizes the legislative, judicial, and regulatory developments that make California a uniquely challenging environment for private employers. These California peculiarities are highlighted to help corporate counsel and human resources professionals alike avoid many legal pitfalls.

  • Civil Rights in the Workplace – Perritt

    Civil Rights in the Workplace provides complete analysis of punitive damages, compensatory damages, jury trials, and changes in providing disparate treatment and disparate impact cases. It details how the 1991 Act has changed the way lawyers and their clients approach employment discrimination under Title VII, the Age Discrimination and Employment Act, the Reconstruction Era Civil Rights Act, and the ADA.

  • Discovery Practice – Haydock and Herr

    Gives you hard-nosed, trial-tested guidance through all the intricacies of what to do, whether to do it, and how to do it — at every stage of the discovery process. Turn to this trusted guide for thorough, up-to-date clarification of discovery abuse — its penalties and sanctions; use of experts; use of investigation files; use of witness statements; protective orders; invoking Rule 29 powers; tapes and telephones depositions; foreign discovery; discovery in administrative hearings; discovery in arbitration.

  • Covenants Not to Compete – Filipp

    Offers a complete, practical resource on the subject of restrictive covenants, including plaintiff and defendant approaches.

  • EEO Compliance Guide – Buckley

    Receive expert analysis and explanations on all major EEOC decisions in one place. Designed to meet the needs of both employment law attorneys and human resources professionals, the Guide examines all the major administrative and judicial decisions, interpretive memoranda and other publications of the EEOC, providing compliance advice as well as the full text.

    The Guide presents explanations of EEOC regulations with annotations to relevant judicial decisions, giving you fast access to these same regulations through quick-reference charts. It also covers topics such as laws enforced by the EEOC, how to establish employment policies and practices, as well as sex, age, race, color and national origin discrimination.

  • Electronic Discovery: Law and Practice – Cohen and Lender

    Provides the why and the how-to of this dynamic topic in a single integrated source. Whether you are advising a client on electronic data retention policies, initiating or responding to discovery requests or making evidentiary rulings, you need to stay on top of how the law and the procedural rules are changing as well as the technology issues that affect the law.

  • Employee Dismissal: Law and Practice – Perritt

    Delivers comprehensive coverage of the laws encompassing employment discrimination—including Title VII, the Civil Rights Acts of 1991, ADA, ADEA, and the Equal Pay Act. Case law discussion included.

  • Employer’s Guide to Union Organizing Campaigns – McCarter & English, LLP

    Get the insights and tools needed to guide your company through every stage of a union organizing campaign.

    You’ll be able to react quickly, effectively, and legally even before organizing begins. Also included is complete coverage of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFRA) and current case law, plus sample letters, checklists, and documents ready for immediate use.

  • Employment Discrimination: Law and Practice – Sullivan and Kavanagh

    Provides a comprehensive and clear discussion of difficult and complex legal problems involved in employment discrimination actions. This timely resource explains laws, rulings, and requirements and delivers thorough legal analysis together with tried and tested practice materials. Covering the scope of relevant legislation and analyzing Supreme Court cases in depth, this treatise addresses topics such as disability law developments, sexual harassment, religious discrimination, and continuing violations.

  • Employment Law Answer Book – Filipp and Castagnera

    Provides quick answers on such employment law topics as wrongful termination, sexual harassment, employee privacy, and employer/employee relationships. Includes current regulations and court rulings. Q&A format.

  • Employment Law Update – Perritt

    Employment Law Update analyzes recent developments in case law of interest to employment law practitioners representing plaintiffs, defendants, and labor unions and comprehensively covers recent developments in the rapidly changing employment and labor law field.

  • Employment Relationships: Law & Practice – Bennett, Polden, and Rubin

    Analyzes the state and federal employment laws and recent trends in case law affecting the employment relationship. Topics covered include: federal discrimination law, including ADEA, ADA, the Equal Pay Act, and the Family and Medical Leave Act; sexual harassment, with a discussion of same-sex harassment; severance pay, golden parachutes and COBRA; employee’s fiduciary duties to his employer; employee privacy, with discussions of privacy issues relating to employee e-mail and computer files; tort actions, such as defamation, breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing and infliction of emotional distress.

  • Family and Medical Leave Guide

    The Family and Medical Leave Guide answers those complex issues that arise as leave is being administered day by day. This publication provides an easy-to-understand, concise explanation of the FMLA, including which situations it covers, how it relates to other workplace laws, and how organizations can comply.

  • Handbook of Section 1983 Litigation – Lee

    Organized to allow quick access to specific information—whether acting as counsel for the plaintiff or the defendant—the Handbook delivers clear, concise coverage of the laws governing every aspect of a Section 1983 case.

  • Immigration Law in the Workplace – Miller, Seid and Stowe

    Leading immigration employment and tax experts provide clear, concise guidance on complying with the latest federal laws. Included are well-documented explanations, charts, forms, and compliance programs, as well as chapters on Social Security and tax issues.

  • Inside Arbitration: How an Arbitrator Decides Labor and Employment Cases – Abrams

    Designed for advocates and representatives at all levels of of the arbitration process. Advocates for parties in arbitration must learn how their arbitrator reacts to certain issues and behaviors, and they should know how arbitrators approach the hearing and the issues to be resolved. Inside Arbitration is a tell-you-more-than-you-know-now look from the perspective of one leading arbitrator. This process of arbitration in the workplace is the star of this enterprise, and this work will help you understand the various elements that come together to make it work so well.

  • International Labour and Employment Compliance Handbook – del Rey and Mignin

    As more and more companies invest overseas, the need for readily available, accurate, and detailed knowledge of labour and employment laws in multiple jurisdictions becomes an essential resource for employers and their counsel. This publication provides exactly such a tool. Each country chapter, written by a distinguished legal practitioner in that country, is based on a standard outline that allows users to compare the legal landscape and analyze solutions to employment problems in each country.

    Practical features such as checklists; step-by-step compliance procedures; specific applicable fines and penalties; and much more are included throughout. Thoroughly practical in orientation, the Handbook is easy to understand for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

  • Labor and Employment Law Handbook – Jackson

    Offers HR professionals, employment lawyers, and labor representatives fast, accurate answers to all their questions about compliance with federal and state labor law. Filled with useful tables of cases, this unique reference addresses the procedural guidelines of each law…explains how to process a particular claim, charge, or lawsuit…and discusses the various available defenses.

  • Labor Law Landscape – Gely

    A practical resource for practitioners involved in navigating the day-to-day realities of the labor relations process. This authoritative work recognizes and addresses the increased complexities that labor relations specialists face, and provides a path through this maze to put today’s labor relations rules in sharp focus. This resource proceeds on the assumption that a robust understanding of today’s rules, and a nonpartisan appreciation of their effects, are first steps that must be taken before labor relations practice can achieve the important goal of managing workplace conflict.

  • Litigating California Wage & Hour Class and PAGA Actions – Seyfarth Shaw LLP

    Litigating California Wage & Hour Class and PAGA Actions continues to be the most valuable resource for employers who are navigating the nuances of wage and hour class and PAGA actions in California. This work covers top legal developments and wage and hour trends in the Golden State, including updates devoted to strategies for defeating class certification, defending against PAGA representative actions, issues affecting classification of workers as independent contractors and much more.

  • Motion Practice – Herr and Haydock

    This comprehensive guide not only analyzes every applicable rule of civil procedure, but also gives you practice-proven techniques for evaluating what motions will work most effectively in each of your cases. From early pretrial motions dealing with complaints and jurisdiction to appellate motion practice for both victor and vanquished, this resource shows you both what is permissible and what is advisable in all aspects of motion practice.

  • Municipal Liability: Law and Practice – Fontana

    This publication provides insightful analysis of the civil rights statutes (such as Sections 1981, 1982, and 1983), the essential U.S. Supreme Court cases, and fully up-to-date explanations on how the courts are expanding or limiting claimants rights against municipalities and their public officials. It gives practitioners clear and thorough discussions on how to establish causes of action and to assert defenses, who carries the burden of proof, procedural concerns, the particular factors that different courts look for to determine liability, attorneys fees, and damages. Potential civil rights violations by municipalities are covered, including: e-mail in the workplace, employment discrimination, First Amendment issues, zoning, and police misconduct.

  • Privacy and Cybersecurity Law Deskbook – Sotto

    Discusses U.S. privacy and information security requirements; addresses data protection in the European Union, as well as privacy laws in other countries that are of interest to U.S. practitioners operating globally. Coverage includes: the Fair Credit Reporting Act of 2003, financial privacy, privacy of health information, information breach security laws, workplace privacy, social networking, privacy torts, and more.

  • Public Employee Discharge and Discipline – Silver, Buckley and Roddy

    Managing public employment cases in today’s volatile, fast changing legal arena is no easy task. Just keeping up with the complex developments in constitutional, labor, civil service, administrative, and common law can be a full-time job. This publication is the definitive work on every aspect of public employment law, and is the only one of its kind to deal with all public employment disciplinary and discharge issues for federal, state and municipal employees.

  • Representing Plaintiffs in Title VII Actions – McKnight

    Discusses all the key topics and issues surrounding Title VII actions and the process of representing plaintiffs in such cases.

  • Sexual Harassment: A Guide to a Harassment-Free Workplace

    Sexual Harassment: A Guide to a Harassment-Free Workplace can have an immediate and significantly positive impact on the ways in which your organization manages the issue of sexual harassment. Each chapter of this resource can impact the way you handle—and preempt—the possibility of sexual harassment in your organization.

  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Law and Practice – Conte

    Guides you through all relevant administrative and legal proceedings, from client interviews to attorney fees, with discussion of state and federal remedies available to maximize recovery.

  • Wage and Hour Answer Book – Littler’s Wage and Hour Practice Group

    Discusses compliance issues as they apply to the Fair Labor Standards Act’s minimum wage, overtime, and recordkeeping provisions. Provides real-world, detailed examples that simplify complicated overtime pay, hours worked, and other calculations; offers precautions to help avoid noncompliance. Includes citations to controlling regulations and case law. Q&A format.

  • Wage-Hour Compliance Handbook – DeScherer

    Provides explanations of the federal Fair Labor Standards Acts minimum wage and overtime requirements. Includes guidance on how federal and state minimum wage and overtime laws interact and apply to particular business operations. Includes summaries of court cases illustrating the laws real-world applications.

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The online resource that addresses complex HR issues with practical answer-oriented information. The Library provides everything you need to comply with federal and state laws and changing HR practices, covering these topics:

  • Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Discrimination and Retaliation
  • Employee Relations
  • HR Management
  • Organizational and Employee Development
  • Safety, Security, Risk Management
  • Staffing
  • Unions

The Library features:

  • Organization both by the topics listed above and by type of information: quick answers, analysis and guidance, “Issues and Answers,” sample documents and tools, and training
  • State and federal employment laws, including full text of laws and regulations, plus summaries of key areas
  • Hundreds of benchmarks, checklists, expert advice, forms, and sample policies
  • Time-saving tools:
    • Performance Reviews by HRTMS helps you implement a year-round easy to use performance management process
    • Job Descriptions by HRTMS for creating legally compliant job descriptions quickly and easily
    • Interactive forms include hundreds of federal and state forms that cover wages/hours, EEO, immigration and much more
    • FMLA-ADA Leave Advisor

      The FMLA-ADA Leave Advisor is designed for HR personnel who must administer requests for leave, or for attorneys who advise employers of their obligations under leave laws.

      It takes you through the maze of federal leave laws by using interactive questions. Once the questions are answered, the Advisor generates a detailed analysis for your records.

      The Advisor also helps you determine whether a leave request falls under the Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA), is a request for reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), or is both or neither.

News and Recent Developments

  • HR Tracker™ and State Employment Law Tracker™

    Tracker is a customizable daily news service where you select the type of news to receive each day. You can also select Tracker options that will alert you to any new information posted each day.

    The State Employment Law Tracker and the HR Tracker are complimentary with your subscription to the HR Compliance Library.

  • Ideas and Trends™ Newsletter

    This monthly newsletter offers in-depth discussions of industry topics with an emphasis on practical guidance.

    Each issue features exclusive interviews with HR policymakers, colleagues and experts. It also brings you case studies, industry survey results and practice tips.

OPTIONAL TOOLS to add on to your Library

  • Employment Law Jurisdictional Compare Smart Chart

    This innovative tool helps you quickly compare multiple state employment laws in an easy-to-read chart.

    You get a complete, self-contained product providing summaries and full text of state and federal employment laws, regulations, executive orders plus case law. State Law Tracker News delivered via email is also included (updated daily).

  • HR Training Tools in PowerPoint

    Updated regularly, each PowerPoint presentation is easily downloaded from our Cheetah online platform.

    Designed to train managers, supervisors or employees, each course is completely customizable for adapting to the specific needs of your organization.

    The following are examples of the training topics covered:

    • Fair Labor Standards Act Training
    • Discrimination/Harassment Prevention Training
    • Violence in the Workplace Prevention Training
    • Workplace Substance Abuse Prevention Training
    • E-Workplace Training
    • Discipline Training
    • Hiring Training
    • Internal Investigations Training
    • FMLA Training
    • ADA Training
    • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, including California-specific training

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