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Survey identifies eight qualities employers desire most in workers

Two out of three employers (68 percent) have implemented programs in the past year to retain some of their most talented workers as turnover has increased at 30 percent of them, according to a survey of 174 employers nationwide by OI Partners. Companies are rewarding their most valued workers with raises in salaries and benefits, tuition reimbursement, and providing coaching and cash bonuses, depending on the level of the employee. However, employers are awarding these benefits very selectively and are not even giving them to all top performers.

Following are eight qualities employers value most in workers, according to the survey.

1) Being a team player (selected by 71 percent of surveyed employers);
2) Fully focused on satisfying customers (chosen by 68 percent of employers);
3) Motivate and engage others in their jobs (chosen by 65 percent of employers);
4) Success in achieving their “critical few objectives” (chosen by 62 percent of employers);
5) Work smart (chosen by 60 percent of employers);
6) Work hard (chosen by 57 percent of employers);
7) Add value to the organization (chosen by 52 percent of employers); and
8) Contribute to improving the bottom line (chosen by 48 percent of employers).

Source: OI Partners; www.oipartners.net