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School district’s grant of health care benefits to same-sex, but not opposite-sex, domestic partners justified by same-sex partners’ inability to marry

February 15th, 2011

A New York school district did not unlawfully discriminate against a teacher based on her sexual orientation and marital status when it denied domestic partner health care benefits to her opposite-sex partner of 30 years, a New York state appeals court ruled ( Matter of Putnam/N Westchester Bd of Coop Educ Serv v Westchester County [Read more...]

Older workers aware of changes to Social Security, tax, benefits program, but younger workers not as familiar

February 15th, 2011

Recently, changes were made which affect the amount that Americans contribute to programs through their paychecks as well as to some of the benefits that they receive. A majority of U.S. adults say they are familiar with the changes to extend unemployment benefits (69 percent), extend the Bush-era tax cuts (65 percent) and the recent [Read more...]

Repeated violations of FLSA overtime provisions occurred each time detective sergeants received deficient paychecks; claims not time-barred

February 14th, 2011

Claims by detective sergeants for the District of Columbia police department that their employer failed to calculate their overtime based on the enhanced pay owed them were not barred by the statute of limitations, ruled the federal appeals court sitting in the District of Columbia ( Figueroa v Dist of Columbia Metro Police Dept, February [Read more...]

Global study reveals HR directors hampered by lack of transnational employment laws

February 14th, 2011

A report by the International Bar Association Global Employment Institute (IBA GEI) has found the globalization of human resources and human capital fields (collectively referred to as HR) to be the number one “stay-awake “issue among HR directors in multinational firms. Published February 10, the IBA GEI report, Looking to the Key Human Resources Legal [Read more...]

Criminal convictions of former UAW officials affirmed for demanding that GM hire unqualified relatives before agreeing to end strike

February 11th, 2011

Affirming the conviction of two former United Auto Workers (UAW) union officials, who demanded that General Motors (GM) hire their unqualified relatives into high-paying journeyman jobs in exchange for ending a crippling strike, the Sixth Circuit rejected the defendants’ contentions on appeal that their actions did not constitute violations of the LMRA or the Hobbs [Read more...]