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California public works Compliance Monitoring takes effect August 1

July 19th, 2010

The California Department of Industrial Relations has amended its regulations governing the approval and operation of Labor Compliance Programs by state and local agencies involved with public works construction contracts. The agency also adopted new regulations governing fees and monitoring and enforcement standards for the Labor Commissioner on state bond-funded and other specific public works [Read more...]

Research finds entitled workers are more frustrated on the job and more likely to abuse co-workers

July 16th, 2010

Employees who feel entitled in the workplace are more apt to be frustrated on the job and lash out at their co-workers, according to new research from the University of New Hampshire. Conducted by Paul Harvey, assistant professor of management at UNH, the research is presented in the latest issue of the journal Human Relations [Read more...]

Novartis agrees to settle class action sex bias suit for $175 million in monetary and non-monetary relief

July 16th, 2010

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp has settled a class action sex bias suit brought by female sales representatives who alleged they were discriminated against in pay, promotional opportunities, and pregnancy-related matters only two months after a federal jury hit the multinational pharmaceutical company with a $250 million punitive damages verdict ( Velez v Novartis Pharms Corp, SDNY, [Read more...]

More than one third of companies believe their intellectual property has been stolen

July 15th, 2010

Thirty five percent of participants in a recent survey believe their company’s highly-sensitive information has been handed over to competitors. This is according to Cyber-Ark Software’s fourth annual “Trust, Security and Passwords” global survey. Thirty-seven percent of the IT professionals surveyed cited ex-employees as the most likely source of this abuse of trust. While perhaps not surprising that [Read more...]

City of Fremont, Nebraska certifies ordinance that bans hiring undocumented workers

July 15th, 2010

The Fremont, Nebraska City Council  unanimously certified the election results of an immigration ordinance that bans harboring, hiring, or renting homes to illegal immigrants. The petition-driven measure, which passed in a special June 21 election by 57-43 percent margin, will require city businesses to use the federal government’s E-Verify system to verify the employment eligibility [Read more...]