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Connecticut DOL contacts employers, individuals about computer theft

The Connecticut Department of Labor notified approximately 5,000 individuals and employers by mail that a laptop computer was stolen within the past week from a secured environment during a recent break-in at the agency’s Bridgeport Office. The computer contained confidential information about unemployment insurance claimants who had wage discrepancy complaints, and certain employers in the Bridgeport area. The state police were immediately contacted and are in the process of conducting a full investigation of the incident.

The agency immediately began its own internal investigation with office staff and IT professionals and determined that:

  • All data is encrypted and protected by a series of user IDs and passwords — multiple layers of security — including various application-level login protections, making it nearly impossible to access the sensitive information.
  • All security measures were taken and computer usage policies were followed in accordance with state Department of Information Technology procedures.
  • The agency has been able to retrieve records contained on the laptop as a result of daily backups, ensuring an accurate reading of the information contained on the computer on the day of the robbery.

“While we do not believe the information can be accessed from the laptop’s database and therefore used in a manner that will compromise the security of these individuals, all those potentially impacted by this crime will be offered free, full-service identity theft and credit protection,” Agnew said.

Federal law mandates that the agency use an individual’s entire social security number in the course of business. The agency has taken proactive measures to encrypt that data yet still comply with the law.