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California public works Compliance Monitoring takes effect August 1

The California Department of Industrial Relations has amended its regulations governing the approval and operation of Labor Compliance Programs by state and local agencies involved with public works construction contracts. The agency also adopted new regulations governing fees and monitoring and enforcement standards for the Labor Commissioner on state bond-funded and other specific public works projects, as required by S.B. 9.

The new regulations stipulate notice and posting requirements and provide for fees to be paid by an awarding body for compliance monitoring and enforcement. They also establish the Compliance Monitoring Unit within the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement and require contractors monitored by the CMU to keep and submit certified payroll reports. The regulations provide for on-site inspections and handling of complaints; withholding of contract payments when payroll records are delinquent or inadequate; and issuance of civil wage and penalty assessments against a contractor or subcontractor upon a determination of a violation of prevailing wage requirements.

The amendments take effect August 1. The CMU has scheduled informational meetings in August on the new regulations for contractors and public entities. Preregistration is required.