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ELD Mobile Support

Have a comment or suggestion for the ELD team? Please send an email to ELD@wolterskluwer.com.

For IntelliConnect user ID or password issues, please contact customerservice@wolterskluwer.com. A support representative will be glad to assist you.

ELD Mobile FAQs.

1.  Do I need to sign up for ELD email delivery before I can use the mobile app? No, if you have a valid subscription to ELD and can view the publication on Cheetah, you will be able to login to ELD Mobile. ELD Mobile is authenticated via a user’s Cheetah user ID and password. If you an existing Cheetah user, please wait 24 hours for our system to register you as an ELD subscriber.

2.  Where can I find ELD Mobile on the iTunes App Store? ELD Mobile for iPhone is located here, and for iPad here.

3. Where can I find ELD Mobile for Android on the Google Play Store? ELD Mobile for Android is located here. Requires Android OS 2.2 and up.

4. Where can I find ELD Mobile for Kindle on the Amazon Appstore? ELD Mobile for Kindle is located here. Requires Android OS 2.2 and up.

5. If I save an ELD story as a Favorite, is the story also saved to my Cheetah Worklist? No, ELD Mobile Favorites are only saved to a user’s smart phone device.

6.  For email delivery of ELD, I selected to receive only content on certain topics. Can I still view all topics on ELD Mobile? Yes, ELD Mobile will display, via the Categories, By Topics filter, all content regardless of modifications you may have made with regard to email delivery. ELD Mobile users may customize their Home screens to display only selected topics, if desired.

7.  How do I refresh the content on the iPhone, iPad or Android app? ELD content can be refreshed on the app by using the pull down gesture on the Home screen, on one of the several Categories screens, or on the Popular screen.

8.  Can I read ELD Mobile content while offline? Yes, the user’s smart phone device will hold three weeks of content that can be read while offline.

9.  How many topics can I set on my Home screen? Users can set up to 20 topics on the Home screen. However, app response time will diminish with an increase in the number of topics set.

10. I notated a story, but now I can’t locate the notes? A user’s notes are stored on the smart phone device itself. Press the More button along the bottom of the app, then select Notes on the following screen. You should now see the headline of the story you notated. Select the story, then scroll down until you see the Notes icon. Press the icon; you should now see your notes.