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Top labor and employment developments for October 2019

November 12th, 2019  |  Pamela Wolf

By Pamela Wolf, J.D.

In case you missed the in-depth coverage of Employment Law Daily for October, here’s a recap of some key developments in the L&E community.

Highlights from the October 2019 recap include:

  • Supreme Court hears oral arguments on Title VII protections for LGBTQ employees
  • Rideshare companies fight back with ballot initiative to carve out exceptions to California’s controversial new law treating gig workers as employees
  • DOL proposed rule would permit tip-pooling to include non-tipped workers and also tip credit for ‘contemporaneous’ non-tipped duties
  • Labor Board rules that confidentiality and media contact rules didn’t run afoul of Section 7 rights
  • Federal appeals court rulings on whether refusing to hire an obese applicant due to fear of future impairment supports a regarded-as claim, and whether McDonald’s was a joint employer of franchise employees.
  • A jury’s $20 million award on a gay policeman’s discrimination and retaliation claims