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Additional FY 2017 OFCCP settlements not publicized via agency press releases posted

August 24th, 2017  |  Cynthia L. Hackerott

Three additional settlement agreements regarding which the OFCCP did not issue a corresponding press release have been posted on the agency’s Class Member Locator webpage and FOIA Reading Room) since Employment Law Daily last reported on such agreements in mid-May 2017. In all of the cases listed below, the contractor did not admit liability.

Aramark Uniform Services. As the result of a compliance review, the OFCCP concluded that, between January 1, 2012 and October 20, 2014,  manufacturer Aramark Uniform Services discriminated against 41 qualified female employees, who were placed into lower paying production positions, and, as a result subsequently, between August 22, 2012 and October 20, 2014, discriminated against 246 qualified males who were denied employment opportunities into the lower paying production positions within the “Operatives Job Group” at its Evansville, Indiana facility. Pursuant to a conciliation agreement, signed between May 5-22, 2017, the contractor agreed to pay $1,903.68 to settle the allegations of placement discrimination against female employees and $194,255.00 to resolve the hiring allegations against male applicants. Aramark will also extend 28 job opportunities and revise its placement and selection procedures.

Kappler, Inc. In a conciliation agreement, signed early to mid-May 2017, Kappler, Inc., a chemical protective clothing and accessories company, agreed to pay a total of $5,500.00 to resolve allegations of job placement discrimination at its Guntersville, Alabama facility. According to the OFCCP, from December 24, 2012 to December 24, 2014, the company discriminated against eleven qualified women who were not placed into “Cutter” or “Floor Worker” positions. Under the agreement, Kappler, Inc. will also extend two job opportunities and retroactive seniority.

Vulcan Information Packaging. Vulcan Information Packaging, a manufacturer of custom binders and promotional packages for local businesses, has agreed to pay a total of $56,000.00 to settle allegations of gender discrimination in job placement at its Vincent, Alabama facility. Between July 1, 2013 and July 1, 2015, the contractor placed 21 female employees into lower paying entry-level positions and paid these women less than similarly qualified men steered into non-entry level higher-paying positions, according to the result of an OFCCP compliance review. On top of the monetary settlement, the conciliation agreement, signed May 22-25, 2017, provides that Vulcan will revise its compensation and job placement policies and procedures.