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Keeping up with the deluge

April 2nd, 2015  |  Lisa Milam

You know how when you’re a teenager, your Mom is an idiot who doesn’t know anything? Well in my kid’s case, it’s true: my son has surpassed my knowledge at this point of international affairs, Greek mythology, mole conversions (that’s chemistry, for you humanities nerds), Ray Bradbury, all manner of non-human animal life and, well, I’m just too damn humiliated to go on. As I write, he just walked in here to report that a million people died during the North Korean famine in the 1990s–as many people as were killed in the Rwandan genocide. (I knew that; of course I knew that. I can’t believe you think I didn’t know that…)

I suppose I’ve still got him beat on labor and employment law, though. And lately, increasingly, it seems there is so very much to know. Executive actions and agency regulations (and lawsuits challenging regulations, and courts putting the kibosh on said regulations, and Congress holding hearings on regulations, and disapproving regulations, and the President disapproving that disapproval, and the imminent release of still more regulations). Supreme Court rulings on whether to defer to the agencies’ take on those regulations (yes, as to the DOL on loan officers’ exempt status; no, to the EEOC’s pregnancy accommodation guidance). Now we have to watch the SEC too, as the agency comes down on employee confidentiality agreements. As for the NLRB—well, don’t get me started on the NLRB. This blog post was supposed to be about the NLRB, but there was simply too darn much to narrow it down.

Folks are Fighting For $15, and winning $10 (thanks, McDonalds!), while labor fights and loses on right-to-work in Midwestern strongholds. The Indiana heartland is in the hot-seat for “religious freedom” and Arkansas may unwisely follow suit (although Walmart Almighty seems to have put its foot down there). We’ve got wage suits aplenty (interns and Uber drivers and independent contractors) and joint employers and—wait, what?—Fair Credit Reporting Act class actions. And that doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of the legally compelling, truly fascinating human interest stories that unfold in the court cases we cover each day.

All of this is to say: We love what we do. Thank you for reading our blog. Thank you for reading Employment Law Daily. And, do you follow us on Twitter? You should follow us on Twitter.

There’s much to keep up with. We’ll help you keep up—and perhaps even outsmart your teenager.